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I believe in cherishing moments that are authentic. Your wedding is not an act in a play, so why should we treat it like one? 

I believe in deep conversations, dating your husband/wife, staying up late 'til early in the morning chatting it up, praying for and with each other, dreaming up your life together before it has even begun, going for adventures on the sunny days and curling up on the couch for a good movie on the cloudy ones; I believe in these things because they are evidence of love. Focusing on ways to show your husband respect, or love to your wife. Not just choosing a partner to struggle through life with, but a best friend that makes life an adventure. When you love someone this deeply, the love spreads to the other ares of your life as well. It shows in the way you squeeze your Grandpa as his eyes fill with tears when he sees you before your ceremony. Or in the way your Groom holds his Mom's hand when she nearly loses it thinking of her little boy becoming a man. It's in the details that are delicately placed throughout your perfectly planned ceremony and reception. The way you incorporate little pieces of your personalities, your love story, in ways that most of the people there won't even catch. 

It's a reflection of your love.

I love that my job is witnessing this love, and then capturing it in tiny little millisecond files. It is what inspires my husband and me to never stop pursuing each other, to show each other love the same way each couple we get to form a relationship with does. This is my favorite part of what I do. Getting to know you. Getting to hear the quirky things you love to watch your fiance do when he doesn't know you're looking. Catching the way you look at each other from across the room during your reception when it is completely chaotic, yet somehow peaceful knowing that this is the start of something precious. 

I guess you could say I'm a romantic (duh). 

Twenty years from now, when you pull out the old photo album from your wedding full of memories and nostalgia--you should feel great about your choice in photographer. The photos are what make every other detail from your day tangible forever. That moment you saw your groom's face for the first time, or your Dad's when he saw yours. The way you included every family member in your day and the intricately detailed tables you spent weeks perfecting. Photos are so important. 


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