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Hopefully by now you've caught my name (Haylie) and maybe you've seen my husband's name somewhere around here too (Luke). We're just a couple of high school sweethearts from the heart of Texas who are captivated by Jesus and creativity.

I grew up in Ohio and moved to Texas when I was eleven. A few years later, I met Luke. We really met way before we offically "met", but that part isn't important. We fell in love when we were 16 by bonding through a mutual love of peanut butter, our dance team, summer days in any of Austin's bodies of water, movie nights at our friends' houses, and ultimately our love for Jesus and Chuy's.

Our love story is what drives me to capture others.

I have always been fascinated with photography. The story each photo tells; the lives happening within each photo. I have consistently felt that documenting precious moments was a vital part of life. (Even in middle school when half of my photos were selfies and the grass in my backyard!) I feel like I have always had some sort of camera, but my first Nikon DSLR was carefully saved for and purchased when I was 15. From there I took countless pictures of my friends, a few seniors' photos, then my real passion was sparked when I shot my first wedding in the first week of 2013 with my best friend, Becca.

I feel so blessed and honored to even be considered to play such an important role in people's lives. God has really shown His love to me through the couples and families I have been honored to work with. My passion for people and photos collides in this simple art; I am so grateful for that one fact.

We have recently re-located to Alexandria, Louisiana to follow a calling we felt from the Lord on our lives. We're really excited for what all this means for us not only as a family, but also the great potential to grow my business in a new city! So if you're in Louisiana and looking for a wedding photographer, you've come to the right place! I will continue to shoot Texas weddings as well, so please shoot me an email for any clarification and details. 




THINGS THAT INSPIRE ME: my perfect babies (Pyper + Liam)), snail mail, the golden hour, coffee all day every day, worship music, my husband's eyes, the way our Sammy (Samson Jehoshaphat) cuddles and tries to edit photos for me, sleeping at last, my grandparents' house in Colorado, people speaking passionately about Christ, manicures, the post-wedding back and foot rubs from Luke, driving with the windows down, chuy's and chocolate chip cookies, penny & sparrow, gold-glitter everything, laughter with the ones I love, happy clients.

We're just learning what it means to look like Christ and capture authentic moments. We would be completely honored to document your love story. Email me to get the ball rollin'.

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