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Wow. Where to begin? SO much is happening this year, I can barely contain all the excitement on a daily basis. (Get ready for a novel, and hold on tight if you're new around here!)

As many of you may have seen, Luke and I finally announced the greatest news: We are expecting a little baby Lonergan come November of this year! If you know me at all, you know that having babies and being a mother has been a huge part of my heart for as long as I can remember. I grew up cradling, carrying, and pampering my baby dolls for probably longer than I would like to admit. (I even crimped the hair on one of my Twin American Girl Dolls and had to have the whole head replaced at the "Doll Hospital" while in Chicago one year. I mean, people should probably tell you their hair is plastic, am I right?!) SO, now that we are in the season of "baby time", I am thrilled. It didn't happen all of a sudden, and it wasn't impulsive (I know you were all wondering!!) God worked on my heart for a long time to get to the place where I felt ready for this part of our lives to begin, and when I finally reached that place, it was like a total peace came over me and I was like "Ok, I'm ready Lord." Luke (my husband) and I have been together for six years, married for a little over one and a half, and honestly have been dreaming of our babies since year one (we were sixteen and that might be weird but we both have blue eyes and it's the dream, ok?!) Anyway, it is all very overwhelming (in a good way) and exciting to say the least. We are welcoming all kinds of prayers in this time as we step into the position we are to take as parents. We know that life is all about learning and growing, and we are so ready to see what that means in this next season of life!

Something else exciting going on in the Lonergan family--Luke graduated!! This has been something we have looked forward to since we were going through our awkward stages in high school. Luke has always been one of THE smartest people I know; graduating with honors without realizing it and acing tests he didn't even study for=the norm. I am so unbelievably happy and proud to call him my husband, and watching him complete his eduation was one of the most surreal moments of our marriage so far.

He wins all the prizes.

AND last but not least of our 2015 changes....drumroll please.....

Luke and I started praying about the step that would follow graduation since before we were married, and then more seriously following our wedding. We have felt a tug on our hearts to move to Louisiana for some time, but wanted to make sure it was God pulling us there and not just a desire we had personally. After much time and prayer we finally made the big move to Lafayette, Louisiana, about two weeks ago. We are so excited for this season of our lives! To learn and grow and step into positions God has for our lives--it's a lot. But it is exactly what we feel we are supposed to be doing in this crazy time of life and we can't wait to see all He has for us. With that being said, I have relocated my business! Lafayette is a completely different wedding business, so I am learning! I am adapting and molding my model to fit a new place, and that is something that causes me to grow personally in a new and exciting way. So, if you have any friends or family getting married in or around our area, have them contact me!! I will be starting my maternity leave about two weeks before baby is due, and then continue it through the first six weeks of baby's life, with the exception of a few family and portrait sessions. I am studying and learning what other wedding photographers do when having babies, and though I'm a little nervous about juggling it all, I really do not want to completely quit weddings, and am thankful that I am able to do them while becoming a new mommy!

So, with all of that being said--pray for us! Haha. We are definitely adjusting to a lot at the moment in many areas, and we couldn't be more excited about it all. Stretching and growing can sometimes be awkard, but ultimately it leads to a greater outcome than you can imagine. I am leaning on the joy of the Lord and embracing the comfort of the Holy Spirit in this time as I trust in the Lord's plan for our lives and all of the change that is taking place!

Life is good and God is good and we are happy. Ok, I'll stop for now! lol. Stay tuned for more pictures of baby and possibly even a sneak peek of our adorable house at some point.



P.S. check out the semi-maternity photos we got to do with my fav. photographer Rebecca Taylor Photography

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