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Crystal + Anton Seim | Backyard Colorado Wedding

In August I had one of the greatest honors of my photographer career so far--shooting my own wedding photographer's wedding! Crystal shot mine and Luke's wedding and I have the photos plastered all over my house now! They turned out so great, which made me so happy and excited to hear that I would be able to follow her around on her own perfect day.

Which is exactly what it was--perfect. From the location (Grandad and Grandma Ginger's backyard in the mountains of Colorado), to the DIY decorations and geometric theme, every little detail was so intricately thought out. Their guest list consisted solely of family and a few close friends, making the whole day very intimate and full of love! I wouldn't have changed one part of the day. It was so perfectly surrounded around family, creativity, and a love for Jesus.

Crystal + Anton- I know I keep saying it, but words cannot describe how honored I was to capture such special moments of your beautiful day! Y'all are so special to me (not to mention fun to take pictures of!) which made my day so much fun! I'm looking forward to witnessing y'all change the world (and make some pretty babies!)



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