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Carly + Tanner Robertson | Texas Backyard Wedding

Exactly one month before my due date with Pyper I shot my last wedding before maternity leave. Let's just say: I could not have picked a greater wedding to be my last before my break! Carly was one of my absolute favorite dancers on our team in high school. She was so artistic and creative with each movement she performed, I could literally watch her all day long and be so happy! No surprise, she carried this same pattern of creativity all throughout her magical wedding day. It was so perfect from start to finish! With the main focus being their love for each other and a love for Christ, Carly and Tanner were an example of a young couple getting married for all the right reasons. From a friend point of view, I've loved watching Carly and Tanner's love blossom since high school. From a photographer point of view, I felt so honored and excited to be capturing one of the most detail-oriented, naturally beautiful settings and authentic love story I've seen yet. I love the way they look at each other and laugh with one another, gah. They're beautiful!

love y'all to the moon! praying for your marriage and wishing you the best.



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