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Pyper's First Beach Trip!

Last May Luke and I took Pyper to the beach for the first time! Living in Louisiana, we are fortunate enough to be within driving distance to some really awesome beaches. Before Pyper was born we took a babymoon trip to Orange Beach, Alabama, so we decided to go back to the same beach with her! It was so sweet, relaxing, and we just had the best time watching her fall in love with it all. I wish I had taken my camera with us to the beach more, but it always makes me so nervous to have it around all that sand. So we devoted our last morning to getting some "real" (non-iphone) photos of baby girl on the beach, and I am so glad we did!

(she NEVER falls asleep in my arms as fast as she did this day. It was so. sweet.)

  • Baby bathing suit: Janie and Jack

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