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Alicia + Hadley | Mommy and Me

This session was one of my absolute favorites! To shoot, to edit, to play a part in at all.

Alicia is my cousin and I have grown up admiring her! As a little girl she would do my hair and teach my cousins and me how to be funny, pretty, and grammatically correct all at the same time. ;) Our family waited and prayed for her and Caleb to have a little girl for as long as I can remember! In the meantime they had three adorable little boys and were never lacking in joy as a result of their love. But there was a promise Alicia held onto that someday, all her dreams would come true and she would have her little girl. As you may have read in their newborn session blog post a couple years ago, that prayer was fulfilled and doubled as they were given a little boy as a surprise blessing along with their girl---twins!! As it should be, their little girl (Hadley Marie) just so happens to be Alicia's twin as well. They look so much alike! The trend of a "mommy and me" session could not have been more fitting for them. I had so much fun with this styled shoot as I recruited my eagle scout husband to create a tee-pee for me at the Lafayette Horse Farm. It was completely styled with the help of Target (of course).

Hadley's outfit: dress, denim shirt, shoes--Old Navy. Bow--me!

Alicia's outfit: skirt--Kohl's Lauren Conrad, shirt--Nordstrom Rack, shoes--Seychelles

Ahhh, all the love.



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