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Caleb + Alicia | Fifteen Years

I have always been a huge fan of this couple (who I happen to get to call cousins AND Pastors!), so when it came time for their fifteenth anniversary, it was only fitting to set up an in-home lifestyle session to celebrate! Caleb and Alicia's marriage is one of the examples Luke and I look up to and we love them so much, which made this session so natural and fun. Their testimony of a love story is one of my favorites and I admire the way they have persevered to pursue the call of God to further the Kingdom. They are constantly pushing me to be better and stretch myself to become all that I can be, to attain all that the Lord has for me. I am so thankful they chose each other and let me in on their love, too!

Caleb and Alicia--Happy 15 years! Here's to the next 15+!!

i love y'all heaps, thank you for all you do and who you are.



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