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Kelsey + Logan | Proposal

Being a total sucker for a secret proposal plan, I was thrilled when my old high school bud, Logan, contacted me about planning and shooting his proposal to his then girlfriend, Kelsey. He got the hook up on a perfect secluded spot by the water in Georgetown, TX, and told Kelsey that he needed to drop off some shovels for a community service project on their way to brunch. Luke and I were hiding at the bottom of the hill and had just decided to practice with the lighting a bit until we heard Logan's truck door slam so we would know to get in our position for the big surprise. Well, all of a sudden Logan comes barreling down the hill in his truck (with no warning) and pulled up right next to where Luke and I were standing out in the obvious. It was hilarious because we had been trying to be sneaky the whole time and then they appeared out of no where and Kelsey was immediately suspicious when she saw us standing there with our cameras. They both got out of the truck as Logan led Kelsey to the set up spot where he immediately got down on one knee (he wasn't wasting any time, people!) and of course, she said yes!

(aggie ring+engagement ring^^^ heh heh)

I'm so excited for these lovebirds and can't WAIT for their wedding next year!! <3 <3

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